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Give the community

Our Vision

Our unique social enterprise will ultimately enable individuals and families to be able to purchase sustainable, affordable, locally sourced, and chemical free food. We also aim to empower residents, and help them build cohesive resilient neighbourhoods by becoming an integral part of this food growing process, learning from us how to achieve gardening expertise. Anyone that grows in their garden – say a crop of spring onions – then enters into our ‘Crop Swap’ Voucher scheme.


How many times have some of us tried to grow a kitchen garden in an attempt to become self-sufficient with nutritional chemical free crops?  But how many times have we failed? We fail because sometimes crops don’t grow, but when they do grow they are ready for harvest all at the same time. We either have nothing coming through, or a glut which is often wasted. 


What we do know that works, is to make life simple, and enjoy growing just one single crop or maybe two.  We can achieve this with just a few square metres of earth, or if you don’t have a garden, we’ll teach you how to grow climbing plants in growing bags alongside your fence or walls. Growing just one or two crops makes life much easier and the harvest will be rewarding. Only problem is, what are we going to do with, let’s say, a 100 bunches of spring onions all ready at the same time!! We don’t know anyone who’d want to eat that many spring onions at once!


So, How do I work towards Food Sufficiency

I harvest my crop and pass it on to ForeverMore Food (FMF). The more I harvest, the more vouchers I get, and these vouchers will be redeemed against my shopping from our vast selection of vegetables, salad, fruit, milk, cheese, bread, eggs, meat etc.


It all began when Dr Anne Hayden, set up a social enterprise known as Your Planet Doctors (YPD) in January 2021.

Her speciality had always been in improving community mental health, and she received an MBE in 2000. With the recent escalation of mental health issues in the community, she wanted to try and help. She could also see how vulnerable we all were to food insecurity, so decided that YPD, working alongside many other like minded organisations and individuals, would try to address both, by encouraging communities to grow their own food together. It was called the Grow Your Own Rainbow Gardens Campaign and from here another social enterprise, FMF was born.


In our vision, giving back the community control over food supply is just the glue that will bring people across Dorset together. We all have so much in common irrelevant of our age, culture and opinions and we all need to eat well in order to live well.


By becoming members of Forevermore Food, together we will build mutually supportive communities, enjoying better health and assurance of affordable nutritious food, the price of which will come down as membership increases. Food miles will be reduced, with food shortages and soaring costs no longer posing the same threat. Mental and physical health will improve, and self-assured communities can begin to thrive. As a social enterprise, the company profits will be returned to the community.

JOIN US TODAY to help us make a difference.

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