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Our day begins at 4 am picking the freshest produce.  Our veg boxes have been created to cater for small, medium and large households to bring you Great British classics plus seasonal vegetables that change week by week.​

Okay smarty pants, it's not in a box!!  Our salads come in our 100% biodegradable paper bags, retaining freshness but ensuring your vegetables can still be delivered 'naked' to you.


We always put seasonal greens, tomatoes (pesticide free and as local as possible) and 1/2 or a whole cucumber, plus other seasonal produce, such as cress, spring onions, peppers, etc. Do you want to add something?  No problem! just put a comment to let us know what you like and don't like!


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Our Fruit -Ebags are also dressed up in a 100% biodegradable paper bag, whilst all the produce is 'naked' (that means no plastic or polystyrene trays or shrink wrap).


You'll get the classics: apples, pears and citrus with every box, but as the seasons come and go, we add other fruits to bring up the rainbow.


Are you just really picky? No problem! just check out 'Tailor your own'' to choose exactly what you like!


Taylored to suit every family size, our meat boxes change every week to bring you variety and excitement.  Plus, you will get a roasting joint that changes every week (available for the Especially for 2, All you need is 4 and Big family box ranges).


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Some people just want it all!! Our trio and complete boxes are a one-stop shop for the week, bringing a combination of veg and salad or veg and fruit and meat.  One click, one box...done!


You will get weekly staples like potatoes, carrots and apples and we'll keep it interesting throwing in some fantastic seasonal produce changing every week.  


With your bigger complete boxes, you will also get a roasting joint changing every week.  Everything you need for the perfect roast!


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